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We’ve Added a New Wholesale Site to the LUMiON Outdoor Lighting Family

We are excited to announce that we’ve added a new wholesale site to the LUMiON Outdoor Lighting™ Family.  Structure & Tree™ was built to better reflect our company’s focus on high end landscape lighting products to the installer and a protected site for you to charge your clients what you would like to better suit your business.
As you know, our company manufactures and sells low voltage products in aluminum and brass landscape lighting fixtures, LED lamps, wire, controls and transformers for the consumer and commercial landscape markets.
We founded the business when, after working in the lighting industry for many years, we  noticed that by the time manufactured products made it to the end consumer, many parties were involved, thus increasing retail prices significantly. So, we set out to change that model and began working directly with top manufacturers focused on engineering innovative, high-quality lighting products. Instead of working through a “middle man,” Structure & Tree™ passes the savings directly to the customer, providing professional grade products at the fraction of the cost of the competition allowing you to be more profitable with lighting installations.
We are confident the added change is good for the company, installers and that the new name better reflects our business as we look to the future.
As always, our goal is to provide our installers with the same quality product as our higher end competitors, but at an affordable price. By offering factory-direct, we can eliminate extra costs and pass those savings along to our customers!
This model is attractive to landscape professionals who are working within a client’s budget.
We know that people want to enjoy their homes, inside and out, and lighting is an essential part of that. Keeping costs down means consumers can do more with their budgets, which is our goal.  
Are you thinking about adding landscape lighting? A recent joint report by the National Association of Realtors and the National Association of Landscape Professionals shared that upgrades to outdoor living spaces impact both a home’s resell value and the current owner’s enjoyment of their home. The report revealed that, after installing landscape lighting, 73 percent of consumers said they have a greater desire to be home since completing the project, 60 percent have an increased sense of enjoyment when they are at home, and 59 percent feel a major sense of accomplishment when they think of the project.
Lighting always brings aesthetics to a living area and sets a tone for the space. Here at LUMiON Outdoor Lighting™ and Structure & Tree™, we love working with homeowners and contractors alike to find the ideal lighting solution. Let us know how we can help you!

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