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PRO-Connect Medium Landscape Lighting Connector 12-Pack

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Save time and money when using our PRO-Connect Landscape Lighting testable Connectors.  These Low Voltage IP67 (Waterproof) wire connectors designed specifically for landscape lighting handle wire sizes that range from 12-16 AWG Gauge Cable.  Fixture lead/input line is designed to handle 16-18AWG wire and the Main Run side of the connector can handle a wide range from 12-16AWG cables.  

Once you’ve securely connected the lead wire and main wire, you’ll be able to test your voltage readings after sealing. If you’re experiencing fixture issues and don’t know where to start, follow these steps: Remove the two plug caps, grab your voltmeter, and easily test for continuity and voltage whenever an issue arises. 

*One Connector Connects One Fixture, 12 connectors per bag.

Step 1. Unscrew a bolt and press a main wire into the slot.

Step 2. Screw the bolt into the slot and stop when its pin touches the

center of the jacket of main wire.

tep 3. Use the packed tool to press the center button on top of the bolt until it stops to release the grease around the wire.

Step 4. Insert one branch wire into the bottom of a branch hole after

cutting exposing conductor.

Step 5. Continue to screw the bolt until it feels tight.

Step 6. Repeat upper steps to connect other two wires.

Step 7. Measure voltage at the pins inside of bolt holes.

Step 8. Place rubber caps to seal the bolt holes.

Tip 1. The small dot on top bolt needs facing flank of connector when

you start to screw.

Tip 2. Mark a tiny dot on the surface of HARD jacket main wire by the

pin can help you puncture the wire

  • Easy Care

    Stands up to harsh weather environments, easy to clean, & service.

  • Low Energy Consumption

    12V Low Voltage, Low Wattage, and affordable energy consumption.

  • Contractor Approved

    Trusted by contractors all

    over the country.

  • Professional Grade
  • Withstands the elements
  • 2700k Color Temperature
  • Industry Best Warranty


  • Wash fixture with soap and water
  • Wipe down with Pledge
  • Wipe lenses with Rain-X
  • Dab dielectric grease on sockets and check lamps